SD Eibar 2015 General Meeting

June 23, 2016

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Sport Society (SD) Eibar 2015 Shareholders General Meeting


Meetabout helped SD Eibar in the management and accreditation for the Shareholders General Meeting, starting from the integration of the more than 10,000 shareholders data and providing the electronic badges for all the attendees in a record time and in an orderly manner, managing electronically on-site the delegation of votes of the shareholders.


During the Meeting real-time data were reported regarding the number of attendees and the capital present and represented, key aspects of this kind of event; several polls, typical for this acts, were conducted and they were able to analyze in life the votes casted by the shareholder conditioned by the capital each one was representing through weighted polls.


The result: a tidy event, with a 100% of participation and a total transparency and immediacy in the management and votings.