Global Innovation Day 2016

July 01, 2016

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The Global Innovation Day is the top innovation event in the Basque Country. An open and dynamic space to give visibility to the key players of innovation, offer specialised knowledge and generate connections and opportunities. All of the above with the aim of inspiring innovation.


For this 2016 edition Innobasque, as event organizers, bet for Meetabout technology in its just software and service version; that means not using the electronic badge but unleashing all the power of our online registration web platform, specially designed for events, for multi-track and multi-session programs, and above all to networking. Besides that we supported the interaction through the Meetabout Apps for Android and iOS, and made la really easy and fast Just-In-Time accreditation process that allow checking-in thousands of people quickly and with, virtually, no queues, without the user having to print anything, and maintaining the link with the web platform, with the Apps and with the management of the attendees’ networking; with just the service of the Meetabout web platform together with fast label printersQR codes, and an impecable personal service.


Thanks to all this technology, attendees were able to carry all the registration and accreditation process in a efficient, clean and quick way; besides getting the benefits of the electronic cards exchange and the pre-arranged meetings.


During an event with more than 1000 people every second matters.