EuskalKosta Networking Day 2014

January 19, 2015

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First meeting of business owners and touristic agents from the Basque Coast.


All the companies from the Basque Coast touristic sector met at this working day in the same venue: lodging and accommodation, DMC, tourism bureaus, regions, active tourism, surf, nautical, guides, etc. There were areas for chatting, sharing, discussing, getting to know and doing business. They had at their disposal areas for showing their marketing material and to get to know what’s in the works at the Basque Coast.


We used Meetabout for reaching the ambitious goals of the organizer in terms of dynamism, networking and feedback, achieving the delivery of a great successful event, backed up by objective data. Event’s participants enjoyed the networking platform in advance of the event itself, being able to analyze beforehand, which relationships they were going to be able to establish during the event’s day, and send connection invitations to other attendees, in order to improve their achievements.


Furthermore, Meetabout was used to send dozens of alerts and communications, we set-up a visualization of the active networking in real-time through strategically positioned displays, and we conducted several polls with participation rates between 94% and 98%.