ADESTE’s project final conference

June 23, 2016

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ADESTE Audience DEveloper: Skills and Training in Europe

ADESTE is a Leonardo Da Vinci project – Development of Innovation, co-financed by the European Commission. Pooling the resources and expertise of 10 partner organisations in 8 countries, ADESTE will develop and train a new European occupational profile in the fields of arts and culture: the “audience developer”.


Meetabout participated to the final conference of the ADESTE project providing networking tools for the attendees, registering up to 1412 visit cards exchanged among the 131 attendees; it was the interaction point with the audience through 19 simple questions with answering ratios of around 90% in most cases, and through plentiful alerts that, besides helping in keeping the event’s flow, orchestrated 30 groups of attendees that took part in a World Café group dynamic.