Basque Industry 4.0

January 16, 2015

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Working day, held last October 15th, 2014, about the latest tendencies of what has been called Industry 4.0 and its impact in the Basque Country. Organized by SPRI and conducted in collaboration with Innevento.


This event, with near 900 registered attendees and lasting for the full work day, highlighted the advantages of using a tool like Meetabout, not only for the registration and attendees control, but also to carry out an innovative and fast check-in process, and to be able to take the pulse on each of the tendencies and of the event itself conducting polls and providing real-time visualization of the results.


This way the gathered data, about satisfaction, attendees flow and interests, opinions about the content, etc, where analyzed during the event itself and also afterwards in the final assessment and public communication of the results of the event; this allowed not only a high efficiency and speed in the availability of the data, but also in the measurement capabilities and objective analysis.