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"A new experience for events"
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Our Product

Meetabout’s technology connects every participant of an event with each other, creating a network of people that can communicate and interact, needing neither wifi nor applications downloads. Meetabout enables you to know what is happening at your event in real time, creating a unique, manageable and measurable experience. Reach the 100% of your public with Meetabout.




Badges ( 100% )

Networking ( 100% )

Targeted marketing ( 90% )

Surveys ( 90% )

Gamification ( 70% )

Sustainability ( 75% )

Revolutionize your events with Meetabout’s electronic Badge, intuitive and easy to use for participants as well as for exhibitors and sponsors.

Create a unique and effective experience for every participant, enabling easier networking and helping them maximizing their participation in the event. Turn your event into something different and enjoyable. With Meetabout, they will come back.

Help exhibitors and sponsors in making profitable their investment in your event; use Meetabout as a marketing tool with segmented promotions, surveys and messages, reaching their target public.

Setup games and activities through Meetabout’s electronic name badge, or use the data it gathers for getting the attendees into a networking contest. You choose how to engage the audience, exploit their playful side and turn them into participants.

Reduce the use of paper and help in preserving the environment by using Meetabout when requesting information from exhibitors, exchanging visit cards, etc. Meetabout supports the Go Green initiative.

Get into the new event’s era with Meetabout and meet your needs with a unique tool. Meetabout has been design to exceed your expectations.




As an organizer, what can I do with Meetabout?

Meetabout is “on the air”

without WiFi

Our Services


Meetabout is the perfect tool for easy networking. Based on each user’s profile, the system will alert each participant whenever someone with common interests is nearby, helping breaking the ice and starting a conversation. Meetabout allows users to exchange visit cards and access them whenever they need in the format they require to directly import them into their agenda or CRM.

Accreditation & Control

Meetabout enables organizers to know what is happening at their event, anytime and in real time, enabling them to react and guarantee their participants’ satisfaction. Meetabout dramatically simplifies the check-in and attendance control processes, lowering therefore the event supervision and control costs.


Meetabout creates a “real” network of people, everyone interconnected with each other. The organizer can send reminders, messages, surveys, etc, at any time, gathering the results and statistics in real time and guaranteeing participation percentages near the 100%.

Sponsored Messages

Meetabout is also a powerful marketing tool that enables exhibitors and sponsors segmenting the attendees by profile, and send promotions and invitations to their target public during the event itself, maximizing this way the return of their investment.


Meetabout is devoted to the conservation of the environment by decreasing physical waste that the use of paper would cause.The ability of exchanging digital content, present in Meetabout’s technology, significantly reduces the use of paper during the event, contributing this way in the environment’s preservation

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Meet Our Team

Montse Fernández

Techabout CEO

CEO & Techabout’s Founder. Holds a Law degree and an Economics diploma both from the University of Deusto, and an MBA from the IE. She is in charge of the company’s figures & strategy, plus the product’s user experience.

Asier Azaceta

Techabout CTO

CTO & Techabout’s founder. BS in Computer Science from the University of Deusto, he is in charge of the scientific & technological subjects at the company.

Itziar Aguirre

Head of Web & Mobile Development

BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Deusto. She is part of the software development team at Techabout, leading the web & mobile platforms.

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